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Over the last 19 years in business, we have kept expanding our services to a wide variety of concrete pumps. From a truck mounted line pump to 5 section RZ booms, all the way up to a 50m pump. We have a diverse range of concrete pumps that can handle any scope of work you may have. We would be glad to help with an on-call or on-site consultation to make sure your job goes smoothly and efficiently.

50m concrete pump - little smokey bridge ,PCL Grande Cac
concrete pumping agricultural bin pads
Residential, 50m concrete pump, GP AB, 2015.JPG

OSB Plants


Gas Plants

Coal Mines

Pulp & Paper

pouring a floor with the help of a concrete pump

Abandoned Culverts


Compressor Ballasts


Trucks are equipped with PAS (Positive Air Shutoff), 2-Way radios, spill kits and tire chains




For Rent

A solution to your site wash out problems.



environmentally friendly wash out bins in use.

All pumps are set up to accommodate the northern winter climates. Pumps are equipped with water tank heaters, oil tank heaters, and the boom lines are wrapped with insulation. Pumps carry tire chains on them year round.



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