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38 Meter Z-Boom Specs

38 meter Z-Boom concrete pump
38 meter zboom concrete pump
38 meter concrete pump

Vertical Reach                  37.1m (121'9")

Horizontal Reach             33.1m (108'7")

Reach from Front             30.3m (96'5")

Unfolding Height              8.9m (29'2")

1st Section Length           7.85m (25'9")

2nd Section Length         7.94m (26'1"")

3rd Section Length          8.33m (27'4"")

4th Section Length          12.0m(39'4")

Outrigger                          X-Style

Front Spread                    6.3m (20'8")

Rear Spread                     7.0m (23')

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